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Customer Experience Maturity Evaluation


When it comes to customer experience, feedback and metrics are your barometer, and the data you collect is your guide.

We will consult with you, to ensure that each of the following are defined, directed and optimized, enabling us to work together to find solutions to each challenge.

Measuring customer experience does not only provide valuable data, it can be used to add true value to your business, including the ability to identify transactional touch points, consumer behaviors, and higher overall satisfaction.

Client Company can help you close the loop between employees and customers, allowing feedback and data to impact and improve customer experience processes.

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Strategy & Roadmap Development

To put Customer Experience focus to your business you should start to develop a Customer Experience Strategy and Roadmap.

Output of this work stream will enable you to prioritize and invest in the right improvements that will really count.

Where to start, what to improve, why and how takes four stages:

  • The CX Strategy: What experience do you want to deliver to your customers? This TO BE experience defined in a clear and strategic CX Strategy is key because it details how you plan to differentiate the experience you deliver from your competitors, thus making customer experience your key competitive advantage.

  • The AS IS Experience: What experience are you delivering to your customers today during their end-to-end lifecycle with you? A profound and structured understanding of this experience, the pain points and moments of truth, is crucial to know where you stand versus the TO BE experience described in your CX Strategy.

  • A gap analysis of your AS IS experience vs your TO BE experience

  • A roadmap with improvement tactics and governance structure to close the gaps.

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping is a powerful method to visualize and discover the brand experience enjoyed by your customers, and to see how they engage with your products and services.

Based on established personas, we use customer journey maps to break down customer experience in different stages - from discovering your brand, to being a first-time user, to becoming a repeat-customer. These maps help us spot pain points, feelings and moments of delight that customers undergo when when interacting with your brand and product.

Our experience designers use journey maps to understand how customers are targeted and through which touch points, how they respond and make decisions, what influences them. This method illuminates areas where your customers experience difficulties when buying your product, ordering services or interacting with your brand in general.

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